Mars Star Laser Pointer - The Best Laser Pointer For Astronomy

  • Mas laser pointer is able to burn matches.
  • The red is the best for burning. The green is the brightest.
  • Mars laser is the most popular laser pointer in the U.S.
  • Lightweight design with safety keys
  • Various light patterns with starry heads and a single beam after removing heads.
  • Focus is zoom able.

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The Mars purple/violet 405nm laser beam is not as bright as the Mars green/red laser pointer because violet light is close to the invisible wavelength of 380nm. We recommend the red laser for burning, and the green laser for pointing purpose.

Mars laser pointers are able to light matches with patience, if you want to light matches instantly or burn paper, please choose a class 4 laser. Bellow are two real class 4 burning lasers:
Mercury Laser is the most popular Class 4 burning laser, and Jupiter Laser is the most powerful burning laser.

1.Battery or other accessories are NOT included if not selected.
2.For green laser, please install the battery with the “+” side towards the end cap and the “-“ toward the beam outlet.
While red and violet lasers are in opposite directions.
3.If brightness is reduced, please fully charge the battery or replace a new battery.
4.Please take off the battery when not in use and place location where that children is hard to reach.
5.Don't point at eyes of humans and animals directly.

Data sheet
Laser Class Class 3B Laser
Laser Power 200mW
Laser Color Red | Green | Violet
Laser Wavelength 650nm | 532nm | 405nm
Laser Beam Distance 12km/7miles | 16km/10miles | 8km/5miles
Laser Beam Divergence 0.5 mRad | 1.2 mRad | 0.5 mRad
Laser Beam Shape Round
Laser Diode Shape Round
Laser Diode Size 4.0 mm | 2.5 mm | 4.0 mm
Lasing Medium GaN
Laser Type Direct Diode
Transverse Mode Multi Transverse Mode
Laser NOHD 140 meters | 60 meters | 120 meters
Required Eyewear O.D. 2.0
Adjustable Focus Yes, zoomable
Interchangeable Lens Yes, can be changed
Laser Lighting Modes Momentary On / Off
Power Consumption DC 3.7V @ 1A
Power Supply 1 x 18650 Li-ion Battery, or 1 x 16340 Li-ion Battery
Battery Lifetime 30-60 minutes
Duty Cycle Continuous
IP Rating IP65
Body Color Black
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Body Style Flashlight
Weight 108g | 3.8oz
Dimensions 230mm * 160mm / 0.9in * 6.3in (diameter x height)
Expected Lifespan 10,000 hours
Working Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Storage Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Country of Manufacture China
Warranty One Year
Package List 1 x laser pointer, 2 * keys, 1 * lanyard. (Please choose related accessories options for batteries, charger, safety goggles, and 5 additional lenses)

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Mars Star Laser Pointer - The Best Laser Pointer For Astronomy
  • Mas laser pointer is able to burn matches.
  • The red is the best for burning. The green is the brightest.
  • Mars laser is the most popular laser pointer in the U.S.
  • Lightweight design with safety keys
  • Various light patterns with starry heads and a single beam after removing heads.
  • Focus is zoom able.

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Very bright cheap laser!

I got the green one and it arrived on the 2nd day so that's really cool. it is VERY bright for a $20 laser even looking a the dot on a wall for to long can hurt. I would suggest using sunglasses at the least. It is a very cool laser in general and it can go very far. The one problem I have with it is that I don't know how to focus the lens. when I try it will ether unscrew it self or will not tighten any more. Other than that it is very good I highly recommend!

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Green Mars Star

The Green mars star laser pointer is awesome! There is a very visible beam at night time and can point out everything! Love it!

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It's purple-fect

Recently purchased the Class 3B Laser from Big Laser Pointers and absolutely love it! The violet color and 405nm wavelength are stunning and add an incredible aesthetic touch to my outfits and room decor. The laser has 200 mW of power, a range of 8km/5 miles, and a beam divergence of 0.5 mRad, creating a highly focused and precise beam. It is easy to use, with intuitive controls and a sleek design. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality laser. Thank you, Big Laser Pointers!

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Great astronomy laser

I recently bought the Mars green laser pointer, and I am very satisfied with it. It arrived quickly with batteries included and was ready for use right out of the box.

The laser beam is very bright at night, you can see its green beam clearly. It has been a great tool for stargazing with my son. We can now clearly point out which star we’re discussing, making it a valuable teaching aid for astronomy enthusiasts. The Mars laser is also great for playing with my cats. They love chasing the bright green dot around the room, such fun a toy for both me and my furry friends.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable astronomy laser pointer or a cat laser, I highly recommend the Mars laser.

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Buy 2

I purchased a green and violet laser, the violet laser looks super cool and can light a match and do light burning to paper. Unfortunately the green laser I received did not work. Also I recommend using a different battery, the advertised capacity is 6800 which is ridiculous and it feels hollow

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It’s aight

I bought the red one. I bought it to burn stuff. I know you’re supposed to be patient but you can’t even feel it. I don’t know if I need to charge the batteries more or what but as of now it’s just ok

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Actually got it the day I wrote the waiting post. They said up to 5 days got mine in 2, they ship from California and I live on the west coast so shipping is a 5+ I got the green mars, this thing is ridiculous. You will not find a laser as good and as powerful for the money even adding 2 batteries with dual charger. I live in a remote rural area, shine this in the sky and put on night vision googles and you see all kinds of wild things. But please be safe there an app named Radar24 ,it shows air traffic anywhere in the world. I just use the free version and gives you real time air traffic ,THESE LASERS ARE NOT TOYS THEY COULD BLIND A PILOT. But the laser is way beyond than I anticipated. I WILL BE BUYING MORE. HAVE FUN BUT BE CAREFUL.

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Waiting but should be worth it

I ordered this as I was looking for a quality laser that delivered more than advertised. I'm hoping this is it as an independent researcher my need for a green laser at night is vital, my last one lived short of it's life expectancy and backup did the same hope this is a good as reviews says. Also I would like to add for safety reasons there is a phenomenal app I use on my tablet it's called radar 24 it tracks any flight anywhere in the world. I use the free version it works perfect for what I need. I will set satellite location and give myself a 200-500 mile.buffer to make sure I'm not endangering a plane. It works real time it's free and kept me from going to jail. Get it on play store. Will give update when I receive laser. Go out and have fun.

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Super happy

Well I was super skeptical at first , I totally thought I might be getting scammed, but I took a deep breath & had faith in the other reviews, I ordered mine 1-mars & 1 high power mercury laser , & they came as they stated . If I would have ordered early Monday Morning, I would have totally received it by Friday. It takes a day for them to process , you have to respond to an email that says some bullshit about verifying your address ? & order ! If you don’t , it will hold up your process time . They are not the best at responding to emails , decent , not the best .
The lasers are frikin amazing !!!! I have been looking at them for a year or so now & was on the fence due to how easy it is to shop on Amazon . You will not find these on Amazon, you won’t find these anywhere but this place .
There was a company’s, they are still around but does not cater to public , Wicked Lasers , used to be able to get lasers kinda like these , double the price .
The $ 20 Mars laser is ridiculous, I’m getting every color , they go over 2-3 miles easy . They are very powerful for how inexpensive they are . The greens are always the brightest, even at lower power .
These are not toys , you have to be very careful about pointing into sky , into & on Air Craft , it can blind the pilot , you might not know there is a plane that high up. Have fun , use with extreme caution, just as a knife or fire arm, can cause blindness, will damage eyes . I know this from experience.
Super awesome, amazing, tools , lasers , straight out of a science fiction movie , or Pink Floyd concert.

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Best laser pointer on the market

For the same price you'll be able to get only a mile into the sky, with these they beam 6 miles. Definitely the best on the market!!! Thanks

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Good entry level laser

Good entry level laser that isn’t too dangerous, but can still burn stuff.

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Bright laser and does burn as advertised

I bought the mars green laser last week, and received this Tuesday. The green laser beam is very bright, can be seen after sunset when the new moon is on the sky, it becomes more brighter when the moon sets. Great star pointer! The batteries are long last ones, they send me a backup battery for free, with the 2 batteries, the laser works from sunset to nearly midnight.

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The violet laser is too weak, buy the red instead

I bought all 3 colors of the mars laser pointer. They arrived on the 3rd day. I've selected the one battery option, but they sent me two batteries. Of all the 3 lasers, the violet is the dimmest, thought it does burn a match, be aware if you need a bright laser. The red and green laser are much brighter, and the red laser burns a match more quickly.

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bright laser, fast shipping

i bought the red laser pointer, the laser beam is very bright, can be seen in the day light, and super bright at night. it does burn matches, also tried with papers, but no lucky. they send me one more battery, useful when you go out.

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Purple Lazer

Can you pop balloons with the color purple

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nice laser.

its a grreat laser, burn slow but its fine for the price.

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Cool cheap burning laser

The laser is cool to play with and it does burn if you have it focused to a pin point overall it's cheap and burns plastic quickly. I got the laser 6 days after buying it.

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Best laser for the price

The laser does burn matches. Very impressive!

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Easy ordering Fast shipping exactly what i expected

The violet laser does light matches pop balloons cut electrical tape at ease just have to focus the lens great build quality too.

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Mars Green

So far so good. I use it at least 3 nights a week for stargazing. More often for warding off stray dogs like to leave smelly presents near my garden/in my yard. And squirrels that get into my fruit patches. It produces a small beam that is visible indoors during a sunny day. Outdoors it's best viewed in moderate shade or darker times. The point ranges fro highly visible to barely during the day(depending on the color of the subject.) I'm not sure of distance but it definitely reaches out to touch things as far as u can see. It doesn't burn things fast but I didn't intend to use it for that. I Purchased the Jupiter(blue) for burning fun. Overall I'm very happy with the both of them..they work great n batteries charge/discharge at a decent rate.

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It is so nice

It does exactly what it says it can do. It can pop fireworks and balloons. It can also carve plastic and can be seen far away.

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