Jupiter - The Most Powerful Handheld Burning Laser Pointer

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1. The most powerful hand held laser in the world.
2. Instantly burns papers, leaves, and even wood.
3. Come with batteries, charger, safety goggles, 5 lenses.
4. US domestic shipping, 2-5 days delivery

You may choose the Mars Laser ($19, able to light matches) to be your first laser pointer if your budget is limited.

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The Jupiter blue 5000mW laser is the most powerful handheld laser in the world as of 2023. No other handheld laser is as this powerful. The product in the video is the 3000mW blue laser.
If you need a brighter laser and a longer visible laser beam distance, please choose the 1000mW green laser.

1. Do not keep using for too long each time, better not longer than 2 minutes every time and rest for about 2 minutes between intervals, otherwise the heat may damage its diode module.
2. Avoid direct exposure of the eyes to the laser beam.
3. Exclusive use for responsible adults.
4. Protective glasses do not prevent damage by direct incidence on the eyes.

Data sheet
Laser Class Class 4 Laser
Laser Power Green 1000mW, Blue 1500mW, Blue 3000mW, Blue 5000mW
Laser Color Green, Blue
Laser Wavelength Green 520nm, Blue 450nm
Laser Beam Distance Green 1W 40km/25miles, Blue 1W 15km, Blue 3W 25km, Blue 5W 30km
Laser Beam Divergence 2mRad, 3mRad, 3mRad, 4mRad
Lasing Medium GaN
Laser Type Direct Diode
Transverse Mode Multi Transverse Mode
Laser NOHD 512ft | 156m
Required Eyewear O.D. 4.0+
Adjustable Focus Yes, zoomable
Interchangeable Lens Yes, can be changed
Laser Lighting Modes Variable Power, Momentary, Strobe and Continuous Wave modes, Standby and Secure Lock/Unlock Modes
Power Consumption DC 7.4V @ 1A
Power Supply 2 x 26650 Li-on Batteries
Battery Lifetime 30-60 minutes
Duty Cycle 120 seconds
IP Rating IP65
Body Color Black
Body Material Aluminum Alloy
Body Style Flashlight
Weight 54oz | 1533g
Dimensions Φ1.4*14.2in | Φ36*360mm
Expected Lifespan 6,000 hours
Working Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Storage Temperature 5~140℉ | -15~60℃
Country of Manufacture China
Warranty One Year
Package List 2 * 26650 batteries, 1 * laser pointer, 1 * laser safety goggles, 1 * battery charger, 5 * laser lenses

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Jupiter - The Most Powerful Handheld Burning Laser Pointer

Watch Video before Buying!

1. The most powerful hand held laser in the world.
2. Instantly burns papers, leaves, and even wood.
3. Come with batteries, charger, safety goggles, 5 lenses.
4. US domestic shipping, 2-5 days delivery

You may choose the Mars Laser ($19, able to light matches) to be your first laser pointer if your budget is limited.

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Super powerful, pretty awesome!

I recently got my hands on the Jupiter laser, it’s pretty awesome. The package arrived super quickly, and I was excited to see what this laser could do. After playing around with it for a bit, I was blown away by how well it burns through paper, woods, and other materials. Apart from its super burning capabilities, its blue laser beam can travel for at least 10 miles at night, which is pretty sweet for outdoor activities and shows. I’m really happy with my purchase. The Jupiter burning laser is seriously high quality, max power, and it has exceeded my expectations. If you’re on the hunt for a powerful laser pointer, I totally recommend giving the Jupiter laser a try.

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Unbeatable power. Highly recommend.

My Jupiter blue laser burns fast, lights a cigarette almost instantly, if the laser lens is perfectly adjusted, it will burn fallen leaves even 10 yards away. Definitely the most powerful laser among all my 5 burn lasers and all handheld laser pointers in our hunting club. True high power burning laser, highly recommend.

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Freaking awesome laser. Super happy!

Bought this laser because my friend Joy recommended. He has the Jupiter green laser, which is super bright, the green laser beam can be seen at least 10 miles away, that was about the distance from my house to Joy's, and it can be seen even under sunlight. Also it burns, but need some time to burn white paper. We played this laser together often, and we wondered how powerful the Jupiter 5w laser would be, since its output power is 5 times of the green laser. So I decided to get one. Ordered on September 6, received one address confirmation email the same day, then got it on September 9. It is super fast, I live in Hayward, Wisconsin, the laser comes from Los Angeles.

The next day Joy drove to my house with his green laser. We were eager to see how they would compete with each other. They are of the same looking, you can not tell them apart if you do not turn them on. When turned on, the Jupiter green laser looks brighter, its green laser beam diverts less obvious than the blue. They two both instantly burn matches and pop balloons, but Jupiter blue laser will burn the following objects much faster: white notebook paper, Kentucky bluegrass, grasshoppers, moths, leaves of maple, oak, and hackberry, corn stalks, pine stems, etc. Jupiter blue can also engrave on oak wood and pine wood. Freaking awesome! But Jupiter green can hardly do that unless you are patient enough. Before the Corn Moon rise, we shot the two lasers to the direction of Joy's house and called his neighbor Jack to check if he could see the laser beams. Jack said yes, and he told us that the brighter one was the green, but the blue laser was too very clear. We tested again one hour later when the big bright full moon was on the sky. The laser beams Joy and I saw were almost as bright as before, but Jack reported that he could find them, but they were not so bright, especially the blue laser beam.

Joy then advised why not have a horse ride with Jupiter laser in hand under the harvest moon. Absolutely great idea when I saw him ride on horse with the two lasers on: the coolest cowboy at the wild west, Jedi Knight of Wisconsin! We took many photos, some of them are awesome. I would like to share them with every laser fans if I can upload photos in this review.

Great burning lasers, for both Jupiter blue and green lasers, highly recommended.

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Powerful laser worthy of the name

After extensive testing, I'm happy to say that Jupiter laser deserves its name of the most powerful hand held burning laser. In my test, it instantly pops balloons, lights fireworks, burns through leathers and plastics, lights cigarettes, burns paper, leaves, and wood. I'm a laser fan, have spent a lot on lasers, Jupiter left me the most impressive burning ability, much better than those cheap burning lasers I bought on ebay and other online stores, those are usually titled with "the most powerful laser" and exaggerated power rating of 10000mw 30000mw 50000mw etc. If you are looking for a premier burning laser, Jupiter is the one. It is expensive, but worth the money. BTW, shipping is super fast.

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Great laser and fast shipping as advertised

The Jupiter laser is so powerful, will burn papers almost instantly, engrave on wooden board like drawing with pencil, make matchstick burn 10 yards away. Very impressive burning ability! Shipping is also very fast, received on the third day. Recommended.

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Powerful Laser Indeed!

I bought the 5 watts Jupiter blue laser. It is incredibly powerful, will burn papers instantly, and burn through thin wooden boards in seconds. It is also very bright, the laser dot can be seen in the sun. The Laser beam can be adjusted, looks like a star wars lightsaber at night, Jedi in my backyard!

Shipping is fast, arrived on the 4th day, and came with a good looking leather box, two large batteries, a charger, a pair of safety goggles, some lenses, which project beautiful laser patterns.

The price is not cheap, really, even with a $100 off coupon, but it is worth more than $399. Great fun with this great laser.

Hope this will help anyone who wants a man's toy.

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Burns like a charm

The Jupiter laser burns like a charm, definitely a TRUE BURNING LASER. Compared to Jupiter, the cheap burning laser I bought on ebay is totally rubbish. Yes, Jupiter is much expensive than an ebay laser, but it burns so much better. Stop wasting your money on cheap ebay or wish burning lasers, buy on biglaserpointers.com. Also, the shipping is super fast, it came to me on the 3rd day.

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Fast shipping, very very very powerful

Really fast delivery. Ordered on Tuesday, received on Thursday. And it is free shipping!
The laser is very powerful, does everything claimed on the website. One of the best hardcore toys!

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overpriced, but decent.

overpriced but decent. go burn 'em up.

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I like to fiddle with high powered items. So of course I lit a piece of paper on fire immediately when I revived my 5000mW laser. Caution though, it’s extremely bright so on top of safety glasses for yourself I would recommend anyone around to wear them as well. I had a couple issues initially but Amy from support was super helpful and quick to respond.

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Really Powerful excellent laser

Sister lives 6 and a half mile away she can see a church lit up outside her back garden where I live I told her I was going to turn the laser on at 11 at night and asked her to look at her back door to see if she could see it I said to her on the phone I'm just about to turn it on and the reply I had on the phone was oh my god it's shot past her house and God knows where the beam is ended up up so powerful excellent purchase.

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Truly Burning Laser

This is the real burning laser that does burn! Instantly burns papers.

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Bright green laser, planning to by the blue 5W laser for better

I received my Jupiter Green 1W laser yesterday. It is really shining, even too bright with the safety goggles. The laser beam is visible in the sunshine. I don't know how far it goes, but it will reach everything you can see through. But the green laser will not burn papers instantly, about 3-5 seconds to burn white papers. My buddy Hulk will buy the blue 5W laser. I will update when we get it. Hoping to see its burning ability.

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Love It

This is excellent! It definitely delivers on what it promises. Obviously handle with extreme caution, but absolutely my new favorite toy.

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one of the best lasers on the market today real thing will i mean will burn you the dog your house down this is no toy be extremely careful when using this laser it is bad ass. great for camping will start a fire in no time and signal for help if needed do not point at airplanes you will go to jail they will find you you better have a real emergency if you shine it in the air they will come!

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